Dinosaurs killed by Aliens then Evolved – With Dr. Steven Hawkings

Tyrannosaurus rex, Palais de la Découverte, Paris

Tyrannosaurus rex, Palais de la Découverte, Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It turns out that the Super Mario Bros. Movie was right. After reading an article over at The Canadian, I am convinced that the Dinosaurs live and have evolved into humanoid creatures who live under the Earth’s surface.

The article claims that the dinosaurs extinction was the result of a suborbital war between two alien races in which one of the races use an experimental “fusion bomb” which caused all life on the planet to parish… almost.

A few species managed to survive and evolve eventually escaping the nuclear winter by moving underground. This reptilian race has been around for billions of years and had become technologically advanced and may have be responsible for many UFO sightings as well as the stories of Atlantis.

The story also claims that giant human beings also lived during the time of the dinosaurs but that’s just ridiculous.

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