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Iran’s Flying Saucer Leads Their Paranormal Army – With Dr. Steven Hawkings

Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel

Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel (Photo credit: Wikipedia) reports that a man named Mehran Tavakoli Keshe has use his captured alien technology to bring down US Drone (RQ-170).  He is, in fact, in possession of flying saucer.

Keshe is a regular on his own person forum and writes, “The Iran spaceship program has the capability of jamming and blocking any incoming radar, as we have explained month ago on this forum, and now we see the practical use of the technology.”

It would seem that Iran is gearing up for a full scale paranormal invasion as there are  rumors that they are also employing an army of ghosts to cover ground operations.  Likewise their underground forces consist of the subterranean civilization known as the Agartha.

As a scientist, I am well prepared for such a catastrophic event. Being a researcher of the unexplained for so many decades has given me a wealth of knowledge that the common man does not possess.

I’ll be in my bunker if anybody needs me. Don’t mind the salt.

Man Accused of DUI is Actually Alien Abductee – With Dr. Steven Hawkings

Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, Ne...

The Huffington Post had an article accusing a poor Logansville, Ga. man named Joel Lankford of being a raging drunk after his car was found mysteriously crashed in a ditch with it’s engine running.

A woman in the area also dialed 911 claiming that a man was trying to kill her. Police arrived on the scene to find the woman bleeding. She was admitted to the hospital and is expected to be fine. About 10 minutes later, a neighbor reported a prowler near his home. When police arrived, they found Lankford. He seemed to be disoriented and believed he was in a city called Lilburn, which was about 18 miles away from the scene. He also displayed slurred speech and difficulty maintaining balance – the clues are falling into place. For the sake of thoroughness, I’ll add that the police officer noticed the odor of alcohol on the suspect’s breath but I believe this fact to be unimportant.

When questioned, Lankford gave the police officer a perfectly reasonable explanation for the odd events, he had been abducted by aliens. Think about it, the mysterious crashed car, dropped by a flying saucer. The injured woman, the recipient of an alien implant. Lankford’s confused mental and physical state, aftershock from extraterrestrial experimentation. It all makes sense.

However as usual, a cover up was taking place and Lankford became the scapegoat here, being hauled away to jail accused of a DUI. When will people learn?

Join me next Friday for more tales of the paranormal.

Who Murdered the Lock Ness Monster? – With Dr. Steven Hawkings

Leeds Castle 03-07-2007

Leeds Castle 03-07-2007 (Photo credit: Karen Roe)

It is a sad and disturbing day indeed. The people at The Voice of Russia reports that the decomposed corpse of the Lock Ness Monster has been discovered dumped in a remote lake in Siberia. This adds the Lock Ness Monster to the growing list of creatures that have only been seen in their murdered state, this includes the Woolly Mammoth, the Saber Tooth Tiger, all the dinosaurs and King Tut.

Dmitry Shiller, the head of an underwater research team went to the bottom of the worlds coldest lake, Lake Labynkyr. Don’t worry, they all wore two sweaters each. When they got to the bottom, they discovered the jaw and partial skeleton of a huge underwater creature.

Bones underwater? In Siberia? What else could it be but the Lock Ness Monster? Reminds me of the time I discovered bones under the floorboards of my rental home and determined they belonged to Bigfoot.

True Paranormal Stories Bologna or Not? Vol. III Near Completion!

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

Cover via Amazon

The stories are locked. We are now in the process of proofreading and editing. After that, it’s formatting and print drafts.

At over 30,000 words, Vol. III is bigger than the first two books combined. I would estimate we are about two or three months away from making the new book available on Kindle and in paperback. Until then, keep reading the blog for Dr. Hawkings’ weekly posts and for updates on the book’s progress.

South Carolina man reports missing time – With Steven Hawkings

Uncanny things are thought to happen at night ...

Uncanny things are thought to happen at night in desolate places (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a report by the Examiner tell of an unnamed “witness” from South Carolina who claims to have had roughly two hours of his life disappear. The phenomena of missing time has been around for many many years and it is almost always the result of an alien abduction.

The witness in the story says that he had fallen asleep on the couch when his wife came into wake him and ask if he was going to bed. He declined stating that if he moved he wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. His wife brought him a blanket and he went back to sleep on the couch. He woke up a few hours later and it was dark out. He looked at the clock and saw that it was 2:15 in the morning – time for a Mountain Dew. He gets his Dew out of the fridge and brings it back to the couch. The witness put his Dew on the floor and waits a moment. He rubned his aching neck and then picked up his drink only to notice how warm it’s gotten. He also noticed that his neck is not aching. He also notices that it was 4:23 am.

About 2 hours had gone by in a matter of minutes. Outside his window he could see strange lights a few hundred yards away.

As a scientist, I can see one of two explanations here. One, the man was tired and when sitting on the couch, he unknowingly fell asleep and didn’t realize it. Waking up two hours later in a half asleep and confused state leading to rash conclusions.

Or two, the more likely scenario, he was paralyzed by extraterrestrial abductors who snuck into his house and dragged him outside, down the street and into their space ship. There, he was subjected to repeated experimentation including playing slapjack with a chimpanzee, identifying inappropriate table manners, and burping the human alphabet. Later, he was brought to the kennel where he was thrown into a cage with a hybrid being that appeared to be half-human half-Danny DeVito. After a quick decontamination and memory erasing procedure, he was put back in the exact place on the couch where the extraterrestrials thanked him for a wonderful time and kissed him goodnight before returning to their home planet.

Perhaps a hypnosis procedure will reveal the truth however we have contacted many people who claim to be a “witness” to something but so far we have not found this particular witness.

Join me again next week for more true stories of the paranormal.