True Paranormal Stories Bologna or Not? Vol. III Near Completion!

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The stories are locked. We are now in the process of proofreading and editing. After that, it’s formatting and print drafts.

At over 30,000 words, Vol. III is bigger than the first two books combined. I would estimate we are about two or three months away from making the new book available on Kindle and in paperback. Until then, keep reading the blog for Dr. Hawkings’ weekly posts and for updates on the book’s progress.

South Carolina man reports missing time – With Steven Hawkings

Uncanny things are thought to happen at night ...

Uncanny things are thought to happen at night in desolate places (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a report by the Examiner tell of an unnamed “witness” from South Carolina who claims to have had roughly two hours of his life disappear. The phenomena of missing time has been around for many many years and it is almost always the result of an alien abduction.

The witness in the story says that he had fallen asleep on the couch when his wife came into wake him and ask if he was going to bed. He declined stating that if he moved he wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. His wife brought him a blanket and he went back to sleep on the couch. He woke up a few hours later and it was dark out. He looked at the clock and saw that it was 2:15 in the morning – time for a Mountain Dew. He gets his Dew out of the fridge and brings it back to the couch. The witness put his Dew on the floor and waits a moment. He rubned his aching neck and then picked up his drink only to notice how warm it’s gotten. He also noticed that his neck is not aching. He also notices that it was 4:23 am.

About 2 hours had gone by in a matter of minutes. Outside his window he could see strange lights a few hundred yards away.

As a scientist, I can see one of two explanations here. One, the man was tired and when sitting on the couch, he unknowingly fell asleep and didn’t realize it. Waking up two hours later in a half asleep and confused state leading to rash conclusions.

Or two, the more likely scenario, he was paralyzed by extraterrestrial abductors who snuck into his house and dragged him outside, down the street and into their space ship. There, he was subjected to repeated experimentation including playing slapjack with a chimpanzee, identifying inappropriate table manners, and burping the human alphabet. Later, he was brought to the kennel where he was thrown into a cage with a hybrid being that appeared to be half-human half-Danny DeVito. After a quick decontamination and memory erasing procedure, he was put back in the exact place on the couch where the extraterrestrials thanked him for a wonderful time and kissed him goodnight before returning to their home planet.

Perhaps a hypnosis procedure will reveal the truth however we have contacted many people who claim to be a “witness” to something but so far we have not found this particular witness.

Join me again next week for more true stories of the paranormal.

Ufiti the Ghost Chimp of Malawi, Africa – With Dr. Steven Hawkings

Illustraton of a Chimpanzee

Illustraton of a Chimpanzee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello again this week, a blog by the name of ShukerNater posts an article supposedly debunking the story of the mighty ghost chimp, Ufiti.

The story of Ufiti is a rather interesting one, in the area known as Malawi in Africa, a human settlement, strange sightings of an ape-like creature started to be reported in the 1960s in an area where no chimpanzee species was known to occupy. The description of this creature mostly match that of a western African chimpanzee except it had some characteristics from a mature male gorilla such as a gray saddle and an unusually large size.

Ufiti would seemingly appear out of nowhere around construction sites and other areas where humans tend to congregate. When a person attempted to get close to Ufiti, she would back into the jungle and disappear. Eventually, the construction sites became littered with banana peals and the people decided that Ufiti had to be captured.

When entering the jungle in pursuit of the mysterious ape, people were shocked to discover over 30 treetop structures, one had a satellite dish on the top.

Ufiti was found and caught. It turned out that she wasn’t a ghost, yet. She was soon sent to a local zoo where her health rapidly deteriorated and she was put down. At least that’s what we’ve been told.

There have been quiet rumblings of the true nature of the creature called Ufiti. These people have mostly been silenced however, a some have, on their death beds, revealed the shocking secret, Ufiti was a psychic. She was able to open her cage door with her mind.

She would often use her powers to gain entry to the kitchen where she would gorge herself on fruit and pancake mix. The people at the zoo learned to be afraid of Ufiti since she was able to control not only things but people with her mind. One report tells of the time that she made two co-workers groom each other and then have a feces fight.

One day Ufiti was found to be missing. It was later learned that she had become bored of living on Earth and had returned to her home planet. Yes, her home planet. Remember that satellite dish on her jungle construct? I was a communication device pointed at a star known as HR 8799, her presumed home system.

Officials maintain that Ufiti was just a garden variety chimpanzee, a possible escaped pet who died in a zoo. However, I offer no poof that any of that is true and I ask you to instead believe the stuff I have written.


New Type of UFO sighted at International Space Station – With Dr. Steven Hawkings

English: The International Space Station is fe...

This week I am talking again about UFOs. On the subject there are many people who jump to conclusions and make far reaching statements in order to corroborate their loose fitting evidence. And that’s exactly what I plan to do here.

The Huffington Post  reports that the beginning of this year has marked the densest month of UFO sightings on and around the International Space Station in history. Several videos have been posted as examples. The one video shows a small white spot accompanied by a huge flying arrow moving across the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

The dots and arrows show up numerous times. After much research I have discovered that these new and terrifying “arrow”  shaped UFOs exactly mach the description of the “downwards arrow.” But what is the link between this ancient “arrow” symbol and the flying arrow craft spotting in Earth’s orbit?

Some researcher claim that the symbol is actually meant to communicate the word “down.” I find this to be a ridiculous conclusion because in space there is no such thing as “down.” I theorize that the symbol may instead stand for “over there.” However, this is all just wild speculation

Join me next week for my take on strange stories in the news.

Kraken Found, Declared a Coward by Japanese – With Dr. Steven Hawkings

The giant squid

The great Doctor (me) is back again. This week, talking about that colossal calamari, the Giant Squid, the Kraken. Many people over the centuries have claimed to have encounters with the Giant Squid and so far, all have been declared clinically insane.

Now, according to Reuters, the county of Japan has come out with what they claim is actual photographs of the Kraken in it’s natural habitat which turns out to be, amazingly, in the water.

Tsunemi Kubodera, a zoologist at Japan’s National Museum of Nature and Science explains how he managed to capture images of the creature,  “If you try and approach making a load of noise, using a bright white light, then the squid won’t come anywhere near you. That was our basic thinking,” Kubodera said. “So we sat there in the pitch black, using a near-infrared light invisible even to the human eye, waiting for the giant squid to approach.”

The claim is that the reason we have never captured a giant squid on film before is because it’s been scared away by the noisy and bright underwater machines have been sent after it in the past.

We may be able to apply this reasoning to other elusive creatures such as Bigfoot for example. Perhaps we have never seen a Bigfoot because it is terrified of people. I suggest that Bigfoot hunters do so while completely invisible or failing that, wearing a big friendly teddy bear suite.

However, some are not convinced, the United States is skeptical of this discovery and is in the process of getting Japan declared clinically insane. Something it’s been trying to do for decades.

Join me next week for more strange tails.

Unidentified Lights in New York – With Dr. Steven Hawlkings

An interesting video was posted on Youtube a few days ago titled, ‘Unidentified Lights.’ A woman named Diana Navarro, was filming the New York sunrise for an unknown reason when she noticed lights glowing from odd rectangular constructs rising out of the ground. As she pans the camera it shows more of these lighted structures.

I for one am terrified by this video. What ever is depicted by this video, it’s obviously a hostile take over. I have been preparing for an event like this for 25 years. I have even build a car that runs on wood gas. If anybody needs me I’ll be in Vault number 21.

Join me next week for more tales of the paranormal.

Mayan End of the World a Bust. New End Predicted by Ancient Technology!

Maya Calendar

Maya Calendar (Photo credit: Xiaozhuli)

Hello friends. This is Dr. Steven Hawkings alive and well. It would seem the Ancient Mayans were wrong about the end of the world. How could they just make an assumption like that with no proof to back it up? It’s disgusting.

However, researchers are stunned by the discovery of another calendar that advances hundreds of years into our future and then abruptly stops. I am, of coarse, talking about an ancient technological device called the Sega Saturn, who’s calendar mysteriously ends on the date, January 1st, 2199.

Much like the end of the Mayan calendar, this information can only be interpreted as the date in which our world will end. Scientists are working day an night to study this date and any astrological events that may coincide. One study predicts that the times around the year 2199 will have human beings enslaved by computerized robots who use them as batteries. Their minds being fooled by a sophisticated computer program that mimics real life.

Skip to the 5:14 mark in the video below for proof.

Santa Claus May Be Bigfoot – With Dr. Steven Hawkings

1914 Santa Claus in japan

The Verge reports that Dr. Melba S. Ketchum, a Texan geneticist, has gathered a DNA sample of Bigfoot, lifted from a half eaten blueberry bagel. Ketchum has been studying the DNA for quite some time and claims to soon be releasing her results.

What she doesn’t know is that Will Henton, one of my ‘Bologna or Not? colleagues, was hiding in the bushes outside Ketchum’s home where the bagel bait had been placed, hoping to get the jump on Bigfoot.

Will missed his opportunity to witness the great ape in action but as soon as Will woke up and remembered where he was, he instead grabbed his own sample from the bagel and brought it back to headquarters for analyses.

Will brought me the sample and I placed it into the DNA analyzer that I bought off eBay. Two weeks later, we had our results. The DNA did not match any creature known to science, but it did match another sample we had from an unrelated study years earlier.

We had once aspired to determine the identity of Santa Claus. Our plan was to have Will set out milk and cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and then take DNA samples from the half eaten Oreos and milk glass. That sample had no matches and the case went cold.

However, the DNA sample from the bagel exactly matches that of the cookie sample. We can conclude positively that whoever, or whatever, ate that bagel is the same entity that had eaten the cookies years earlier. Ketchum swears the bagel was eaten by a Bigfoot and Will swears he doesn’t go around tasting every food he gets close to, so the only reasonable possibility left is that Bigfoot and Santa Claus are the same creature.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from ‘Bologna or Not?’!

Lifeforms Discovered… In Your Belly Button – With Dr. Steven Hawkings


Belly-button (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

National Geographic has published a report detailing the magnitude of life that lives within the human belly button, describing the ecosystem within is as a “rain forest.”

The study involved 60 different belly buttons in which over two thousand species live, about fifteen hundred of them are new to science.

Studies are underway to observe the creatures who occupy the navel including the indigenous village dwelling tribes. The tiny villagers appear to be thousands of years behind modern technology but they seem to be approaching the discovery of fire.

It is theorized that in some rare cases, belly buttons are inhabited by slightly more advanced civilizations who, in fact, have already learned to start fires. It is further speculated that this might be the cause of spontaneous human combustion.

Researchers are working around the clock to establish contact with the microscopic people and we’ll be sure to report on anything they find out.

Scientists Discover What Happens When You Die, But Disagree on What it is

Paradise: Ascent of the Blessed

Paradise: Ascent of the Blessed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earlier this week, the Huffington Post published an article stating that a group of scientist think they know what happens when you die.

One says that when you die you are dead. To you, the world doesn’t exist, your friends don’t exist, you don’t exist.

Another says that, as evident in near death experiences, you live on in some form separate from your body.

And the last scientist claims that you will jump from life to life setting right, what once when wrong.

It would seem the mystery is solved. I’m glad we can put the speculation behind us now.