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Mayan End of the World a Bust. New End Predicted by Ancient Technology!

Maya Calendar

Maya Calendar (Photo credit: Xiaozhuli)

Hello friends. This is Dr. Steven Hawkings alive and well. It would seem the Ancient Mayans were wrong about the end of the world. How could they just make an assumption like that with no proof to back it up? It’s disgusting.

However, researchers are stunned by the discovery of another calendar that advances hundreds of years into our future and then abruptly stops. I am, of coarse, talking about an ancient technological device called the Sega Saturn, who’s calendar mysteriously ends on the date, January 1st, 2199.

Much like the end of the Mayan calendar, this information can only be interpreted as the date in which our world will end. Scientists are working day an night to study this date and any astrological events that may coincide. One study predicts that the times around the year 2199 will have human beings enslaved by computerized robots who use them as batteries. Their minds being fooled by a sophisticated computer program that mimics real life.

Skip to the 5:14 mark in the video below for proof.