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Bigfoot CAPTURED! on film – With Dr. Steven Hawkings


Bigfoot (Photo credit: naturemandala)

The fine people over at Bigfoot Evidence has posted a video that allegedly shows a Bigfoot moving about the rocks near a Mono Lake in Sierra, Nevada.

The creature is difficult to see details in but there is definitely a large humanoid who appears from behind a large boulder and then dispersal behind a conveniently placed boulder a few feet away.

Skeptics propose that this is a man wearing a very large fur coat. Remember this is summertime in Nevada, so the idea that somebody is trying to stay warm is frankly, ridiculous. This is obviously some kind of unknown animal who’s adapted for such conditions.

But where did the Bigfoot go? He walks behind the rock and and vanishes. Some propose that Bigfoot is actually a trans-dimensional being who can slip in and out of worlds at will. With power like that, it’s no wonder we’ve never seen a corpse.